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Articulated Concrete Mattresses - Submar West Africa

Need to cover and protect exposed pipelines or underwater structures? Need to stop soil erosion on roads, banks or streams? Need a low cost, easy to deploy access road or foundation for temporary or semi-permanent work, staging or deployment areas? Or do you need to protect living areas or crop land from erosion?

Then you need Submar™ flexible, articulated concrete mattresses. These mattresses have been the industry standard in the Gulf of Mexico since 1990 and have been used throughout the world. Now you can buy them from a fully licensed Submar manufacturer located in Nigeria - Submar West Africa, Ltd. These easy to deploy, no-maintenance, highly stable, flexible concrete mattresses are available for purchase locally in Warri, Nigeria and can be shipped anywhere on the West African coast.

Local Content Manufacturer

Submar West Africa is a Local Content Manufacturer in Nigeria. Submar West Africa manufactures these industry standard, US Department Of Transportation (DOT), Minerals Management Service (MMS), & many Contractor and Pipeline Operator approved mats in Warri, Nigeria. These mats are time tested and proven. Making the mats in Nigeria allows for easy, low cost transport along the African West Coast to your work site.

Submar West Africa can help you get your erosion and oil field protection needs serviced locally, quickly, and cost effectively.